My name is Zahava Katz-Perlish and I feel deep empathy, love, admiration and respect towards animals. I’m therefore obsessed and fascinated with the relationship between humans and non-human animals.

As my awareness and knowledge regarding the treatment of animals by humans have grown, my thoughts and feelings about it have evolved. I’ve become a vegan, which is not only a diet but a lifestyle with broader implications.

In my blog I’m contemplating thoughts and ideas about various aspects of our relationship and treatment of animals. I’ll also be sharing stories related to my personal encounters with animals and reflecting on everyday experiences related to how they are presented and depicted in the media, internet and other forms of expression.

Perhaps my thoughts and observations will challenge your current thinking, or may provoke and even disturb some of you. Regardless, I hope you will reflect on my ideas and tell me what you think and why. I’d like my blog to be a dialogue.